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Wedding dress is too shiny?

This may sound really stupid, but I think the wedding dress I just bought may be too shiny. The fabric is Royal Satin. I thought it looked fine on me from my angle, but when I took some pictures with the dress on- the satin looks way too shiny. Is there anything I can do to make the satin "less shiny"? Am I making any sense?
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Re: Wedding dress is too shiny?

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    Use a camera with less flash.  And no that's not a sarcastic answer.

    ETA:  If I got a picture of your dress in Photoshop I could probably make it look less shiny.  I just had to edit some of mine because the camera made it look yellow (it's definitely white).
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  • I understand what you mean about the sheen of the satin, but as far as I know, this is how satin is- It has a shine.

    Depending on the lighting, the sheen could become more evident. Perhaps the flash on the camera made it look overly shiny????   Take a look at the dress on you in person again and get a second or third opinion.

    Anyway, I cannot think of a thing to take away the shine that would not ruin the dress. Maybe depending on the style, you can put a chiffon or some sheer overlay. Or maybe bring it back and exchange it for a less shiny selection? I know how important it is to feel confident in how you look, especially on your wedding day. However, for what its worth, Im sure you will look wonderful- shiny or non-shiny dress.

    Good luck
  • I love shiny clothes!!  If my satin dress could be more shiny, I would be all in.  It's your wedding day, and you should be shiny.  Talk about your concerns of the overly shiny material with your photographer so they are prepared with proper flashes and lenses.  Other than that, revel in that shiny! :)
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  • Your professional photographer for the wedding day should be able to deal with it and still give you beautiful pictures. Any non-pro pics might have too much shine.
  • hun, i mean this very very picked a dress you loved. please stop overthinking it. i'm sure it's wonderful. move on to something else--flowers, favors, shoes, hair, ANYTHING!
  • It is hardly surprising that a satin dress is shiny because, well, satin=shiny. I agree with tasharocks: you picked the dress you loved. It IS very easy to start overthinking every detail of your wedding. Unfortunately, that doesn't make for a very happy or easy planning process. Do what is within your power to do and let everything else go--not every detail is as important as it seems this far in advance.
  • Thanks, everyone. I guess I'll have to talk to my photographer about making the dress less shiny. I'm just worried because my church has bright lighting and we're taking photos outside. Here are some photos of the dress. I did take the pictures right in front of the window.... but we will be taking photos outside. Plus, the bright lighting at the church. Let me know what you think.

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  • Pictures outside will certainly not have a problem because they will not need a flash. Natural light is very flattering for any picture.
  • I think the dress looks great. You will definitely shine on your special day. No pun intended.

    BEst wishes
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