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Hey guys!  So I'm a little flustered because I didn't have my jewelry picked out before my dress fitting and now I won't get the dress back until just before the wedding.  I have a few pics but am still not sure what to go is a pic of the dress:

I'm getting married on the beach and will have an orchid flower in my hair.  My MOH suggested just a bracelet and earrings.  Specifically these:[]=tags&includes[]=title

What do you guys think??  Of course I appreciate any & all help!!!

Happy Friday!

Re: Jewelry Help

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    I love the simplicity; your choices don't overpower your gown. I'd go with what you've already selected. I think  the effect will be beautiful!
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    Beautiful!  You have great taste.  Everything is simple but ultra-stylish.  Love it.
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    Thanks ladies!  It's frusterating picking out accesories for a dress you don't have... :)
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