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Our Groomsmen (and one grooms girl) are each wearing a different color tuxedo t-shirt and with chuck taylor all-stars in the same color as the shirt.  2 weeks before the wedding, one of them has infomed us they "can't afford" their shoes.  they've known for over 8 months what they needed to buy and it only costs about $60 total, far less than renting a tux they have to return.  my fiance bought the shoes, under the pretense that they could be lent out for the wedding.  it sounds silly when i say i dont think they deserve to be in the wedding because they didn't buy shoes, but it's the principle.  2 weeks before?!!??  the shoes are $39.99!!!  coming from someone who goes out ALL the time.  any suggestions on what i should do?  just let us get walked on for the sake of the wedding?  or speak my mind to this person?  it kills me to keep it inside!!!
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