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Wedding band dilemma. HELP!

Hi Ladies, I'm new here and have a question.

My engagement ring is an unusual shape. I've only found 1 band that fits with it but I don't love it. The second part is we don't have the money for bands.

A little back story...

We got engaged last July. We quickly realized we did not have the money for a wedding and plans were pretty much non existent.

I entered a contest with and won a destination wedding in Mexico. My aunt has paid for the majority of my dress (which I compromised on, it's not the super big one I initially found, but it's still great)
His Grandma is buying his suit. Pretty much everything else is taken care of.

Except wedding rings. We just don't have the money to drop on what we want and I don't want to spend even $00-400 on bands we kind of like.

But, like I said, nothing is fitting with my e-ring.

So, now I'm trying to figure out what to do.

Do I find us cheap ones for now (I'm talking $100 for both) and wear it on my right hand for now?

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Re: Wedding band dilemma. HELP!

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    If you can't afford a ring you like right now, I don't think you HAVE to wear wedding bands at all if you don't want to. I know quite a few people who don't wear wedding rings but they are still happily married. Just like the e-ring, it's only a symbol of the marriage. Many engaged women don't wear e-rings either.

    If it bothers you to not have rings, I would get something cheaper for right now until you save up for rings you love. FWIW, my wedding band doesn't fit perfectly with my e-ring because of how its shaped, but I still wear them together and it doesn't bother me. If you wanted to wear the band on your left hand, it's fine for them to not match up exactly.

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    You have an e-ring. You don't NEED a wedding band. It's just "tradition" but the fact is you have a ring.. so if it doesn't fit in your budget right now, I would just put that off and not worry about it for a while. 
    Cross that bridge when you have the finances.

    I WOULD want to get the soon-to-be-H a band though. Put your thought and searching into that one. You can get some great men's bands for cheaper.. has some nice ones. 
    My H has his titanium band from Helzberg and LOOOOVES it. He saw it and immediately was like, "that's the one" and it was only a hundred bucks. 

    That's what I would do, anyway.. If you love your e-ring and you can't find anything right now in your price range that you love, just let it be for now. :] 
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    I'd go with first timer's suggestion. Get soon to be hubby a ring, and use your e-ring for now. You can get a wedding band later as an aniversary present when the funds are there. Ticker
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    I agree with PPs...don't waste money on a wedding band if you can't afford it right now!  Not necessary.  You could always get one later as an anniversary present if you wanted one.  Congrats on winning a wedding, that's pretty awesome!
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    Definitely get one for him. When the day of your wedding comes you exchange rings, just use your ering.
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    Yes, get one for him, but for you just use your ering.  You can get a wedding band to go with it for an anniversary later if you decide you really want one.
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    Thanks everyone for your input! I feel a lot better :)
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