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Heel Protectors

I was hoping you ladies could help me. My wedding is going to be outside, and I'm definitely planning on getting some kind of heel protector, but I don't know which ones are best. I'm leaning towards solemates or heels above. What kinds have you tried?
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Re: Heel Protectors

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    I used solemates, and honestly I wasn't very happy with them.  I heard a lot of good feedback from ladies on TK, which is why I bought them.  I measured my heel and bought the correct size, but the plastic kind of stretched out, and they stretched out of position, not covering the shoe heel at all!   Fortunately the ground was dry enough that I didn't sink in the grass anyway...and maybe if the ground had been softer they would have stayed in place better. But I thought it was a waste of money, at least for me.
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