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a major hem to a bridesmaid dress

I want a short dress for my bridesmaids but I want it in cobalt blue which is really hard to find. I really like the top of this one. Its long and I'm wondedring if there is anyway to figure out if it will look good slighly above the knee without purchasing it and actually cutting it off?

Re: a major hem to a bridesmaid dress

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    The color named cobalt may be difficult to find, but that's because every designer names their colors differently.  Alfred Angelo carries a cobalt, and David's has horizon and riviera, which are close.

    I'd be hesitant about chopping off that much length on a dress.
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    I agree with Aerin--there are probably plenty of other dresses in the color you want that wouldn't need to be chopped off.

    I do not think this dress would look awkward shortened, but holy alterations bill! Are you going to help your ladies out with the alterations costs? It could become expensive.
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    ditto opalsky
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    One of my BMs chose a long dress and had it shortened, but she would have needed several inches cut off even if she kept it floor length.

    I think it would work, but have you looked at Alfred Angelo?  They have a lot of knee length dresses in cobalt.
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    I think I'll keep up the search.

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    ah! good to know. my mom is a very good at sewing. i guess we could keep looking and also take a peek at some patterns.
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