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Ivory gown and off white suit

Hi Ladies,

So my fiance is shopping around for his attire. He was thinking of wearing off white suit with brown shoes. Here is the link of the suit he wants
Its on page 20 of the catalogue. My dress is in ivory and my bouquet is white. I have darker skin and he has very light skin with dirty blonde hair.
I like the idea of him not wearing a typical tuxedo but I just thought that it might be too white looking in pictures and not enough contrast for the photos. I also think the shoes be black not brown.

The girls are going to be in mint green dress and he wants to put the guys in a brown suit (our color is mint green and brown) and brown shoes. I think this would look ok.
I'm not sure about him wearing an off white. It is a formal church and reception hall wedding by the way. I do want him to be comfortable as he said he would be too hot in a tuxedo but I don't see a suit being less hot in the summer. 
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