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Colored dress with veil

Hi! I'm having a modified version (more modest) of this dress as my wedding dress and I would love to wear a veil that has been for long in my family but, as usual, it's withe. Do you think it would clash to much and look bad?

Re: Colored dress with veil

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    Yeah adding a veil would look kind of costumey, IMHO. The dress itself is SO dramatic, that it's probably best to avoid anything else, accessory-wise besides some simple stud earrings and your e-ring!

    Out of curiousity, you are wearing the dress in the color shown? Or having it made in white/ivory?
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    I'm looking at blush dresses and white veils look silly, to me. I'm leaning toward making a blush one that matches the color palette of the dress.

    For that dress have you considered a birdcage veil? I agree the dress is dramatic, and awesome, but I think a long white veil might look odd.
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    MarytaryMarytary member
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    I'm having the dress made in the color shown. 
    I would like to wear a veil since it is in a cathedral and I feel weird by not covering my head but if I wear I would like it to be long since I already have a tiara.

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    I think using a white veil, even if it is a family heirloom, would look odd.  I understand you wanting to wear a veil so have you considered having one made in the same color as the dress, but very sheer?  I think that as long as the veil is extremely sheer tulle (hardly gathered onto the comb) and not placed over the face then it should flow nicely with the dress.

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    Beautiful gown! I agree with Maggie. Do it the same color as the dress, only very sheer. It will be gorgeous. :)
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    Maybe you could dye the heirloom veil to mtch the dress.
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    Thanks all for your input!
    I think I'll just ask my seamstress for a blue veil and think for other piece as my something borrowed
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