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MOB & FMIL dresses

I have some questions about the dresses for my mom and FI's mom. Sorry for the long post!

I don't really care what either wear--I want them to feel beautiful and comfortable and that's enough for me. But one of my problems is color...

FI's sister got married about two years ago, and bought her mom two dresses. She only wore one, and so is planning on wearing the other one to our wedding. It's kind of a cranberry/maroon.

The problem is that I just found out that my mom really wants to wear cranberry/maroon, but she doesn't think she can if FMIL is wearing that. Personally, like I said, I want everyone to wear something they love, so I don't care if they wear the same color.

Our bridesmaids are in hunter green--we aren't sure about tuxes yet, but the groomsmen may wear silver vests (if not hunter green as well). We have navy accents in our decor, as well. Do you think having both mothers in cranberry would be odd? (Another thing to consier is that we have a winter wedding and I love the idea of putting holly & berries in the boutonniers(sp?), and maybe the bouquets. So that reddish color may make a great accent, too.)

Another question I have is for my mom's dress...she's plus size and really hasn't found anything she's loved. I convinced her to try on a ballgown a few weeks ago and she LOVED it. However, it's almost $400--and more expensive than her wedding dress was, and she doesn't want to spend that much. At this point I'm contemplating buying it for her because it was so great to see her feeling so pretty, but does anyone know of anywhere we can get affordable, plus size, formal gowns?
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