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My DH has been brewing beer for over a year now. I don't know how serious your FI is about beer but DH made himself a kegorator. He also bought a turkey fryer - he did this because they are powered by gas and this way he can brew outside. He brewed in the kitchen once and I was NOT a happy camper. So stinky!

Anyway - they certainly make small non-complicated kits but if your FI is serious about brewing and storing his own beer PM me - I am sure I have some websites for you to check out. :)

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    Thanks Gabs! I think we're gonna start small but if he gets more serious I'll make sure to contact you. 
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    [QUOTE]I don't know how serious your FI is about beer but DH made himself a kegorator.  :)
    Posted by Gabs71109[/QUOTE]

    I just have to say Gabs that quote right there just made my day.  I laughed so hard.  My ex who went to North Eastern  was in the Frat House that was shut down for the "underground brothel" and "stripper cages"  and one of the things the news commented on was the kegorator!  They only had one fridge and it had huge kegs in it. 

    Thank god that relationship ended but that brought back some funny memories.  Thanks!
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