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How to keep feet from sweating in clear shoes?

I realize it's not a glamorous topic, but it is something I'm trying to figure out, so here goes.  I ordered Cinderella by Touch Ups to wear on our wedding day.  I did see that a few people left a review about them making their feet sweat.  Have any of you ever worn clear (they're vinyl) shoes and figured out a way to keep your feet from sweating?  I've thought of baby powder, but think that would show through and look ugly.

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Re: How to keep feet from sweating in clear shoes?

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    Swipe your feet with anti-persperant (not just plain deodorant) about 20 minutes before you put on your shoes. This helps to stop the sweating.

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    You can get over-the-counter anti-perspirant that is mega-strong, it's called CertainDri.  Use it on your feet.  Start about 2 weeks before the wedding.   Should work.

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