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Dress Length for Black Tie

I have a black tie wedding to go on New Years Eve.  Attire is black tie (much to my husband's dislike).  I have a beautiful satin black and gold a-line tea length dress from White House Black Market (hits me just below the knee since I'm short) that I was planning on wearing but now I'm worried about the length since it's not to the floor.  Any 'black-tie' brides out there that have an opinion they can offer?  Thanks.

Re: Dress Length for Black Tie

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    How exciting!  Your husband can deal with it LOL.  My first instinct is that you would be fine but I've never been to a black tie event so I wouldn't trust my advice.  Do you know anyone else who's going that you can ask what kind of dress they're wearing?

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    I have feelers out and I've got one for floor-length and waiting on some other feedback.  :)
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    A fancy cocktail length dress should be fine.
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    Do you have pics of the dress you want to wear?
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    I think your dress would be fine, like Liatris says, with great heels and jewlery you should be fine.  :)

    But we'd like to see pics (if for no other reason than I just like pretty dresses).
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    Searched the net and can't find a picture :( Sorry.  Thank you ladies for all your input- really didn't want to have to buy another dress!  HOpe everyone has a merry Christmas!
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    From my experience, black tie means floor length gown. I know when I've been to black tie events and weddings all the ladies were wearing floor length formal gowns.
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    To me black tie means floor length evening gowns.  If your close with the bride the best thing to do would be to call her and ask.
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