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Ball Room Dance Wedding Shoes: Good or Bad?

At your wedding you're on your feet and part of that time is spent dancing - are ball room or other dance shoes the way to go? I'd like to avoid the tired feet everyone worries about. It seems like a good idea on the surface, but I'm not a dancer so maybe there's something I'm missing?

Has anyone out there 1) done their wedding with dance shoes and how did that go?  or 2) decided against it and why? Just curious before I start shoe shopping. Thanks!

Re: Ball Room Dance Wedding Shoes: Good or Bad?

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    I wore ballroom shoes, loved them. They are more supportive and more flexible than regular shoes but they are still heels, which for me are not technically "comfortable."

    However, I definitely wore them longer than I would have worn regular shoes, and they were gorgeous. I had them dyed dark purple to match my bridesmaids' dresses.

    HOWEVER. You can have the uppers (satin straps, etc) dyed, but if the insoles are leather (and I believe most are) they cannot be dyed. I ended up with purple straps and blinding white insoles. Fortunately a purple Sharpie exactly matched the color, so I just colored in the insoles. Heh. But that is unlikely to work with other colors.

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    Not designed for outdoor use
    Limited colors (usually just black and metallics)
    Heel heights are generally relatively low

    CRAZY comfortable
    Much better constructed than most shoes

    I think ballroom shoes are certainly worth looking into if you're going to be mostly indoors.  I was going to do ballroom shoes, but was looking for a few specific syle elements and couldn't find a dance shoe that had them all.
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    I hadn't thought about wearing dance shoes, but it's a great idea!  Tracy_K, where did you get your dyeable dance shoes?
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    We're doing our wedding all inside, and I'm getting ballroom shoes (PIB).  They're insanely comfy, with low heels (2.5 inches) and I love them.  I would completely recommend them.

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    I LOVE ballroom shoes b/c they are so comfy.  For your wedding, I would suggest Angela Nuran shoes.  She is a former ballroom dancer who got into designing shoes mainly for brides.  The shoes are crazy comfortable and super classy though they are a bit on the pricey side.
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