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I finally found my DRESS!

After searching for months, I finally found my dress!  I went to David's Bridal almost on a "whim" (my 3rd time, 3 different DBs)... and this dress was on the mannequin. I instantly fell in love!  I imagined I'd get a more form-fitting dress, but I don't care!  I love how simple & "clean" this one is!  It's "shantung" fabric & almost feels like cotton... love it!

I can't find the style online... I don't think it's on their site yet. The consultant told me that it's new. It's a Galina.

I'm thinking about having the bow removed, so ignore that part for now. I like the detail in that area, I'm just not so sure about the bow.

P.S. It has POCKETS!

Re: I finally found my DRESS!

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    It looks beautiful on you. I kind of like the bow!
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    Congrats!  It's beautiful!  I love the modern pockets, and I agree that is has a very clean look.

    I actually like the bow!  But - that's just my opinion.
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    Super cute, I like it with or without the bow.  Congrats!
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    Love, love, love your dress. Mine has pockets also. I also had a bow I was questioning, but when I went for my first fitting I changed my mind. I love it now.
    I really like the bow on yours, it adds something. Congratulations!
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    What a great dress! Very different! The bow makes the dress I think. I love the idea of pockets in a wedding gown, wish my dress had those! Such a neat thing!
    Congratulations! It looks stunning on you!

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    Get it! I love it!
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