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My dress came in! (PIP)

My Frankendress came in! It's actually two Casablanca dresses that they altered in the factory adding the top of one to the bottom of the other. Casablanca does this for a set fee (mine was $75 for front and back) and it was waaaaay cheaper than ordering extra fabric to put a sleeve or strap onto a dress.  I really wanted to post this because I know a lot of brides look for a way to do that, so I had a really good experience with this. 

Also, I do not, in point of fact, have 6 chins, so just ignore the faces. I wish I could get the pic of the back up here, but it was taken on my actual camera and I forgot to adjust the setttings, so it's too large. 

These are the two dresses styles it was made from:
The top is this one: 

And the rest of the dress and the fabric are this one:

Re: My dress came in! (PIP)

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