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Corset back dresses

So I am trying to decided if I want to have a corest back added to my dress when I go for my first alteration appt this week.  It alread dips a little in the back and I'm not sure if it will work.  Has anyone else done this to their dress?  Have a pics to share?

-Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: Corset back dresses

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    I'd ask your seamstress if a corset would look okay...  I feel like most people put corsets in their dresses so the whole fitting/weight fiasco doesn't ensue.  If you gain or lose a few pounds, the corset takes it all in stride.  A zipper/button fit is far less forgiving.

    I also had one dressmaker mention that a visually interesting back of a dress is nice for the guests since they will be looking at your back the entire ceremony.

    My sister had a corset put in her dress that was supposed to be a zipper/button.  We haven't seen it yet, but it's an option the designer offers so it must be a popular choice!
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    My dress had a corset back already, which I love, but we did have them added to the bridesmaid's dresses. It adds much more interest to the rather plain zippered back the dresses came with. We all love it. And the added bonus of being able to adjust the size is wonderful. But be sure to talk it over with your seamstress. I've heard that adding it in to a wedding gown can get quite expensive....not to mention it probably wouldn't look right with every style of dress.
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    I had a corset back added from the factory. The reason is because I'm 1/2 size smaller in the waist and 1 size larger in the bust (waist/hips are like a 2-3 and bust is size 6) since size 4 is the smallest they make, that's what I ordered but with a corset I'll be able to cinch it smaller in the waist with a tad give in the bust without need for alterations - very important since it won't get here until 1 month before the wedding!  It was less than $100 for the factory modification from all the salons I got a quote from. Their alteration departments said because of the beaded they didn't think they could even think about adding it after the fact - besides, factory will look much better!
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