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Necklace dilemma

For Christmas my fiance's grandmother gave me a beautiful genuine pearl necklace that was her mothers. She asked me to consider wearing it in the wedding. I don't know what to do because 1. I had already planned on wearing my mothers pearl necklace that is more of a choker with a string of small pearls, and 2. his great-grandmothers pearl necklace has a long gold chain and gold clasp with just one big natural pearl...I have already picked everything out to match silver. However, it is subtle enough to match my dress fine I just know my mothers would be a better fit for the wedding dress. What do I do to avoid hurting anyones feelings??

Re: Necklace dilemma

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    Ask her if it's ok to incorporate it another way.  If you're doing your engagement picture maybe wear it then or at the rehearsal dinner.  Or maybe attach it to your bouquet.

    ETA: I just realized you said she gave it to you so explain that it means a lot to you to wear your mothers necklace on your wedding day but you'd like to wear it another time.
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    Yeah, I'd find another way to work it in.  I had a locket woven into my bouquet.  It didn't ruin the necklace or anything, it was just a part of the bouquet that we took out after the fact and I have it in my jewelry box.  Perhaps you could do something like that, or wear it for your RD.
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    I agree with Drama.  I was going to suggest you work it into your bouquet as well.
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    Wear one for the ceremony, and one for the reception.

    And/or make sure that the photographer takes a nice close-up portrait of you and your FI while you're wearing his great-grandmother's necklace, and present it to his grandma as a gift after the wedding.

    Ditto the other suggestions about incorporating it in another way, if Grandma approves.
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