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David's Bridal dress

anyone have any experience with the Torrance, CA location?
i purchased my dress over labor day weekend....and they said it would take approx 8 weeks to get here. just got an email saying that the dress was already here! is this something i should worry about? am i getting an old dress?
also, how is their alteration department???

any input would be great!!!!
thanks ladies...and congratulations!!!
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Re: David's Bridal dress

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    Try checking to see if anyone's posted reviews about your location.
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    I think that's just worse case scenario and a sales tactic. They told me my dress would be in on 10/13 and my BM dresses would be in 10/4 when we ordered on 8/22, I got an email saying all my dresses were in on 9/3 except 2 (total of 8 dresses). Don't worry your dress is brand new! As far as alterations I've heard good and bad about DB's alterations. We decided to have our alterations done by someone else because their prices were a little steep.


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    I would absolutely inspect the dress when you pick it up. You should be receiving a new gown, but I have heard of instances where a sample gown is delivered by mistake, and once you take it out of the store, they won't replace it.

    I would look for an independent seamstress, as David's tends to be expensive for alterations. Check your local board (links are in the top left) or look on yelp for reviews.
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    My SSIL had a really awful DB experience, but I can't remember if it was the Torrance or Long Beach location...  I highly recommend the one in Brea, especially if you ask for Leah as a consultant, she's amazing.  I also did my alterations through that location and had no complaints.  (And I purchased it at the Burbank location because that's the one that had my size in stock, so taking it to another of their stores for alterations isn't a problem.)

    Generally, DB dresses aren't custom made.  I doubt you're getting a sample if you placed a new order, but you're probably not getting something that just popped out of the sewing machine.  Definitely inspect it on the spot.  The dress I bought from them was a sample, so they offered a free bead-and-press service where they pressed the gown and repaired any wear and tear from their end (like a small popped seam and a couple of missing sequins) at no charge.
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    mine was two weeks early too, I think they tell you the longest it could possibly be and that way you plan for worst case scenario
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    They said my dress wouldn't be here til Sept and I got it in June. I think they just tell you a longer time in case it does take that long their covering their butts!!!
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    my sister ordered her DB dress labor day weekend and she was told yesterday that hers was in as well.  i thought that was nuts, but, maybe this is a slower time of year...and hers was the same size as the sample, and i'm sure in the football stadium sized warehouse where they make and store the dresses they had a bunch of them.  she was told it would be in first week of nov...

    kinda sucks though, her wedding isn't until may, now we have to store it somewhere until then!  we hadn't really thought about it since we didn't expect it this early.
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