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Mix n' Match Dress

I trust you ladies to tell me the truth and nothing but the truth. I have two Casablanca dresses that I'm considering having them mix and match (I like the top of one but the bottom of the other)

So picture this....The top of this dress:

On the bottom of this dress:

The beauty of Casablanca is that they will make you a Franken-dress however you want. I love the beauty of the 2nd dress but its just too plain for me. I'd love to have a beaded bodice added (in sweetheart) They would do it in the same material as the 2nd dress (which is "perfecting satin")

Please tell me if you think this would be a good combo. I know its hard to picture. 

Thanks :)
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Re: Mix n' Match Dress

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    I love the fitted one. I am not sure how they would combime them because the fitted one has the folding/ruching. Would they just take the embellishment from the first one and put it on the second one? Maybe you could add a jeweled belt instead?
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    They would likely keep the ruching intact (making it into a sweetheart instead of the scoop) and would just add the beading from the first dress. I tried the fitted one on with a beaded belt and it looked strange because it interrupted the ruching. If they put the beading on top they can make it mesh with the ruching. 
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    I think it'll look really good. I'm also doing the mix-n-match idea and also from Casablanca. My consultant assured me that they do them all the time and really know how to make them fabulous. It's fun to see another girl do hers this way, I had asked if anyone else did it and no one that responded had until you. I'll post pics of how mine turns out and I can't wait to see yours. 

    The only kind of frustrating thing is that people keep asking for pics of my dress and I have to kind of paint a word picture until I see it in person. 

    Here's mine: 

    Done in the same lace as the rest of the first dress and with the deeper sweetheart neckline of the second. 
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    Oh! That will be sooooo beautiful :) What a lovely dress you've envisioned. My issue with the slimmer dress that I included a picture of is that is is SO PLAIN. I love the ruching, but I really wanted some bling (I'm just that kind of girl) and it was making me question the dress. But I couldn't find anything I REALLY liked, and when I put a belt on it it felt wrong somehow, so I came back to that one and I found out I could esentially add whatever I want. Gotta love the ladies of Casablanca, they do some beautiful work. I work at a bridal store and we had a girl add sheer, beaded sleeves to a sweetheart ballgown and it looked FABULOUS! Like it was designed that way. 
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