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Wedding Dress Drama!! (can anyone relate?)

So-I've been engaged for 4 months about..I've been to at least 10 bridal salons and tried on more than 30 dresses...and I'm not in love with anything. I even took a month of from shopping to clear my head because I was feeling so overwhelmed! Has this happened to anyone else? and do you have any advice?

The last bridal consultant i worked with was shocked by how "picky/difficult" I was.. I like to say "unimpressed." I've seen gowns that are pretty, and look good on the rack, but none that FEEL good on me.

I don't need to cry or have some "magic moment," but i DO want to feel good, and beautiful, and LIKE A BRIDE...

all advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks ladies.

Re: Wedding Dress Drama!! (can anyone relate?)

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    Keep up the search, you'll know it when you find it!
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    you need to find a sales person and store who are willing to understand what you want and know what's best for you..

    you also need to be realistic.  If your budget is 200 then you can't expect a 2000 dress.
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    Online shopping can help a lot! Find something you like, maybe a silhouette or designer and find a bridal shop that carries them. If you fall in love with a particular designer try to find out if there will be a trunk show in your area. I fell in love with something I never would have picked out for myself in a million years from the rack, so trust your consultant.
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    I am having the same problem.  I like a lot of them.....for other people.  I am giving myself a deadline and if I don't find "it" I am going with which ever one I like the best at the time.
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    Have you tried on a variety of silhouettes and dress styles?  You may be unimpressed bc the look you envision of yourself just doesn't flatter at all in real life.  Try on dresses that you wouldn't pick yourself- my dress ended up being one that my consultant picked.  I never would have pulled it myself, because, quite frankly, it's not all that impressive on the hanger. 

    It sounds like you may need to have a more open mind about what you're trying on.  Keep looking, and don't be afraid to try on what your consultant might suggest.
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    Like the PP said try on different silhouettes!  Once you find a style that you feel beautiful in keep trying on gowns similar to that.  I also thought because of my figure I would look better in an empire gown and boy was I wrong.  The sales associate ending up pulling a beautiful asymmetrical drop waist gown and though it still wasnt the one I knew this was the style that was going to look best on me.

    Also don't be afraid to look at designer gowns.  Have a price range in mind but realize that many shops will work within your budget to find you the perfect gown.  Right now is the perfect time to go shopping because this is considered their slow season so many shops are offering sales.  And the reason I recommend designer gowns is because all the extras are build in (ie. bra, slip, crinoline).  Those extras add up in the price of your gown and you can actually end up saving money on a gown by going with a designer crazy I know!

    Good luck on your search and be sure to keep us posted on your search! 
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    I would also caution against waiting for that OMG moment. I personally didn't have one and I know a lot of brides on this board have expressed similar feelings. I love my dress, I just never had that amazing crying this is IT moment at all so if you're waiting for that feeling it may be best to realize that it really doesn't happen to all of us and go with what you love and works for both you and your budget.

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    Agree with Sloane. I knew I wouldnt have 'that moment' and I didnt. It was just like "yep, this dress is awesome and I want to wear it." Nothing more, nothing less.

    I also did extensive online shopping first. Looked at every designer, discount site, etc. I printed pictures of what I liked and found the shops that carried them. I tried on maybe 10 dresses (albeit within 1 hour!) at one shop and then just knew what I wanted, which happened to be one I printed but didnt think I'd love. The consultant commented how easy I was since I knew what I wanted.

    Good luck!
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    Maybe it is your price point?  You might just have "champagne taste"  Are there any second hand or discount designer bridal shops in your area?  Maybe a designer gown is what you really need and there are ways of getting one without breaking the bank.

    I'm very particular too, so I can relate.

    ALternatively, you could try vintage gowns or something like a J Crew gown.

    I would just try to go to a different TYPE of store than a typical bridal salon, if you haven't been happy with what you find there overall.

    Don't worry though, you dress is out there.
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    I am having the same problem. I've tried on many beautiful dress, but none are "ME". I did find one onine that I have fallen in love with (I saw it about 2-3 months ago and I keep going back and looking at it on the web site.) The closest place that has it is a 4 hour drive from me, so that has helped me not be hasty and rushing out to try it. I am finally going in about 2 weeks to try it on. I've sworn that if I get it on and it isn't THE dress, I'm just wearing jeans haha.

    My wedding is not for another 10 1/2 months. It has been 2-3 months since I've even touched a dress. I would suggest maybe going back to a couple that you really like but just weren't feeling it. You may have been stressed and discouraged at a point. I suggest going alone or with just one close friend who is brutally honest. I was so overwhelmed the day I went with my mom and sisters, etc. that I actually went back two days later to try one on again b/c I couldn't honestly remember if I liked it. I loved it so much more when I went on a week day evening when the shop wasn't crowded and I was by myself. If this one out of town doesn't turn out to be my dress, there is a strong possibility I will go back to that one.

    So my biggest advice is to take a step back from it all if you have the time and just do some internet shopping.
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    Also, don't feel bad about being engaged for that long and not having a dress yet. I've been engaged since December and I still don't have mine 7 months later. 
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    It took me awhile as well.  I figured out though what I liked about the dresses that I tried on and went from there, I thought that I wanted something simple.  As I was selecting dresses my MOH would make me try on anything I looked at for more than 5 seconds.  I had pulled out this dress that had flowers on and showed tule.  I though yuck, but at the same time interested.  When I finally tried it on I loved how it looked on me.  I still don't like the picture of it online but I love the way it looks on me. 
    So if there were any dresses that kinda caught your eye and you weren't sure whether you hated it or kinda liked I would try it on. 
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    There is a lot of great advice here. You are right though, you need to feel like the dress is "you".

    Maybe try things on without looking at them first.. go to a smaller boutique store during the week when there aren't as many people and let the sales people pick some out for you - don't judge them while they are on the hanger! If you still aren't having luck, try and sketch out what you think your idea dress would look like. It can be cost effective to have your dress custom made if you can't find one from a designer.
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    Hey Ladies!! thanks for all the support and advice!! I FOUND MY DRESS!! YAAAY. It happened randomly, when I just "stopped by" a bridal salon to browse and clear my head. I tried on a gown I'd seen on another bride but didn't really like too much-but I loved it on myself! which shows, you really DO have to put things on to know how they will look on you.

    Now i just hope I'll like the dress 6+ months from now when it arrives! =)  good luck to the others gals who are still searching!
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