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2 dresses - is it smart or is it spoiled?

I have been thinking about doing one dress for the ceremony and one for the reception. I all ready have my veil and dress that my aunt bought for me and now I've found a great Galina Signature dress that is on sale that I want to get for the reception.

Since I haven't broken the budget on my dress, and this new one is on sale, I kind of feel ok purchasing it for myself, but I feel self conscious about what my guests & family will think of two dresses.

Here's the pics - is this ok for a reception dress? Is anyone else doing this too?

Here's the 2nd dress for the reception:

Re: 2 dresses - is it smart or is it spoiled?

  • Personally, I'd use that money elsewhere.  The dress you've purchased is beautiful--in my opinion, prettier than the 2nd one.  It's your choice though and if you don't feel comfortable in the one you bought and you can afford it, go for it.  I loved a lot of dresses and had a hard time deciding, but was pleased to only wear one.
  • If it was a cocktail dress or something more comfortable, I'd say maybe.  That's even pushing it.  Save your money.  Regardless of whether or not you stayed in your budget, it's a waste.
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  • I've never been able to understand the 2 dress thing..
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  • I agree with money
  • Since your dress was a gift, I wouldn't.  I do prefer your first dress and reception dresses only really make sense to me if the ceremony dress is a massive ballgown or the reception dress is just a cocktail dress that's easy to move in.
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: 2 dresses - is it smart or is it spoiled?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I've never been able to understand the 2 dress thing..
    Posted by shoegal715[/QUOTE]

    Yeah, my aunt did this and it was just silly.
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  • If they're both cheap, maybe. But I will buy one dress to wear the entire night. Why? Because I will never be able to wear it again, so I want to make the most of it. I would never buy 2 expensive dresses. That's silly IMO. But if you can afford it....


  • I wouldn't if it were two dresses that were the same long, formal style.  Yes, I realize that they are very different dresses, but they aren't different enough to have both.  Maybe if you had opted for a cocktail or tea-length dress for the reception.  Or even if you had a big poofy princess dress, and then changed into a more simple dress, I'd understand.  But those two will just make you seem indecisive. Save your money.
  • I don't think its spoiled, but its certainly not necessary. You picked/will pick 1 amazing dress, why get a slightly less great dress to wear at the reception. Just enjoy the one dress and use your money elsewhere

    An episode of Say yes to the dress was on the other day where the girl came to pick out her third dress. Just is enough!
  • Keep to one dress, I much prefer the first one anyway. Put the money into something else, like into the honeymoon jar.
  • I came to this board specifically to get opinions on this same subject! I bought a ball gown (not a huge one, but still poofy enough) when I went dress shopping, and it's very pretty, flattering, and fits well with the summer, airy kind of wedding we're having. The other day, however, I was perusing dresses for fun and saw the cutest tea-length dress on sale. I went to the store the next day, tried it on, and fell in love with it for the reception. My biggest reason for buying the dress - other than the fact that it's cute as hell - was because my fiance and I plan on doing a choreographed ballroom dance to "Fly Me to the Moon" for our first dance, and this dress would be much easier to really dance in than the gown. Surprisingly enough, the most understanding person has been my FI - most women I've told think I'm nuts.

    Anyway, here's my advice: if you think you're going to be thinking about that dress and wishing you had it, then buy it. Maybe some people will think you're nuts or spoiled or excessive, but it's your day. I mean, how many brides spend a bunch of money going to a spa and getting their nails done and hiring make-up artists and buying expensive shoes? Consider the dress your pampering item and try to save money elsewhere by doing your own make-up and skipping the massage and facial the day before. (Although I will say this: Your first dress is GORGEOUS. The second one is chic, but doesn't compare to the first. Make sure you love it, or you may regret it.) Good luck!

    P.S. - Here are mine if you want to see them: ball gown and tea-length.

  • I wouldn't call it "smart" ... it's not like you have to save the first dress for anything (like if you were playing kickball after a job interview and wanted to change from your good business suit into some casual clothes).

    Short of a MASSIVE stain on it, most good cleaners can get a wedding dress looking spotless again, if it's very important to you to save the dress for the future for whatever reason. So I don't see the point in buying and wearing a second dress for the sole purpose of keeping the first one more pristine.

    Is it "spoiled"? If you want an honest opinion, I feel like two dresses comes across as an attention grab, on a day that is already totally about the bride (and her partner). I can totally understand changing from the wedding gown into a cultural costume or a family heirloom dress during the wedding day, and I can sort of understand changing from an elaborate gown into a shorter party dress for ease of movement (although I don't know why the person in question wouldn't just get a more comfortable wedding gown in the first place) ... but I see zero need to change from one wedding gown into another wedding gown. Pick one that you love and that you can move around in, and just wear that. Many brides can't afford even one nice gown, so it bothers me when some people feel the need to have two or even more.

    Plus, I think you might risk hurting your aunt's feelings. If I bought my niece or daughter a nice gown, and she changed into a second gown at the reception, I'd be upset and wondering what was wrong with the gown that I bought for her. And I WOULD honestly find her spoiled if she picked out the dress and I bought it, and then she spent the money on a second one so she could have two. If it's a case of your aunt buying this for you without your input and you don't like it, then be honest with her, and if you don't want to wear it then try to return or sell it and pay her back.

    That being said, if you can afford it and you really want it, do what you want. It's not hurting anyone (unless your aunt will have hurt feelings), so it's a personal decision on your part. If you feel funny or "spoiled" about having two, then donate them to a worthy charity after the wedding.
  • your original dress is about 10.000 times more awesome then the second dress, unless it is hanously uncomfortable I don't see a point, the second dress is not a short cocktail gown or something comfy it's another full on wedding dress! I say skip it!
  • I have the same dress as the first dress you listed and it's beautiful in person. While it's heavy because it's beaded it is not bad to move in! I love it so much I can't fathom even wanting to change out of it... I am insisting on not changing out of it and into going away clothes! 

    That being said... if you REALLY want another dress go like other people said and get a short one...
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  • [QUOTE]Plus, I think you might risk hurting your aunt's feelings. If I bought my niece or daughter a nice gown, and she changed into a second gown at the reception, I'd be upset and wondering what was wrong with the gown that I bought for her. And I WOULD honestly find her spoiled if she picked out the dress and I bought it, and then she spent the money on a second one so she could have two.
    Posted by mbcdefg[/QUOTE]
    This was my concern, exactly.  If you had bought the first dress yourself, then it seems unneccessary to me but if it made you happy there'd be no reason not to go ahead and get it.  But since your dress was a gift, it may come across as a little ungrateful.
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    I think it depends - I did the two dress thing, because it's tradition, and happens in our culture.  Yes it could be very costly, but in the end it's worth it (well from my opinion) anyways.

    Although two white dresses?  Spif it up a bit, go with something spectacular :)  Gold or something :)

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  • the dresses are pretty similar anyhow.

    don't buy a second one. If I was your aunt who bought you a dress, I would be pissed if you changed out of it for the reception.

    Use your money to buy a dress for someone who can't afford one.
  • I wore 2 dresses.  My mother actually surprised me with the second dress.  My wedding dress was long with a giant train and the reseption dress she purchased was a short style.

    I was actually very glad to have the second dress.  I was so hot in my wedding dress, it was so long when I took my shoes off.  I danced the night away in my short dress and was much more comfortable.

    That's just my experience though.  Good luck!
  • everyone else said, save your money and use it elsewhere in the wedding planning. The first dress is gorgeous!
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  • My vote is for spoiled.  I'd be very annoyed and hurt if I bought my niece a wedding gown and she changed at the reception.   Both gowns are equally elegant, and I have to agree with PP that the 1st dress is gorgeous.  

      My vote would be different if the dress was shorter and less formal.
  • Oh I have never heard of two dresses! That is a very interesting idea! I think it might make your aunt sad, though!
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  • I've noticed a lot of two dress wedding on different shows.  I think it's just a ploy to get more money.  

    I was going to get 2 dresses because originally we were going to have a City Hall wedding and then a reception much later in the day.  I thought it would be kind of gross to wear the same dress for that long.

    If you had a big poofy ball gown and couldn't really dance in it, then I could understand the second dress.  If I were you, I'd save the money.  
  • Two dresses are fine!!!!! It's your wedding do what you want! I'm wearing 2 dresses, well actually im wearing my white gown but im also vietnamese so i have to wear our traditional wedding attire as well

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  • I vote spoiled, I've never understood the whole 2 dress thing (unless of course it's a culture thing). 

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  • I think you should do whatever you feel like you want to do. It's your day. Money will be spent frivolous by everyone in an array of areas...candy buffets, expensive shoes,  expensive honeymoon....etc.. 
     I have a cocktail dress that is knee length because I refuse to dance all night in a long gown. The dress was on sale and not expensive...nonetheless...even with both dresses I did not go over my dress budget. I've always wanted a reception dress.

    So I whatever you is comfortable for u. Who cares what guests think!
  • I love my dress so much I want to wear it for as long as I can.  So, just the one dress for me. 
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  • I love my dress so much I am trying to finagle a way to wear it again at a party/late reception that everyone is invited to that won't be coming to the wedding because it is at a small venue. Granted I have a tea length dress to begin with!  I love your first dress, and find no need to buy a second one.  And honestly, I think the second one looks more like a nighty.  But that is me.  Wear the one you want...but stick to one, and if you choose the other one, talk to your aunt first.  I LOVE the first one, and the second one is kinda blah to me...Just my opinion though.
  • I actually got both of my dresses at David's Bridal too. The second dress I did end up getting. It cost - with three markdowns, $50 off and the garment bag and taxes - $173.00! So far the second dress has been the most inexpensive thing for this wedding so far! LOL 

    I tried it on several times and really decided that it made me truly. Happy. The first mermaid dress is going to be too hard for me to move and dance in and this second dress I just feel more comfortable in. I personally think it looks a lot better on me too, these model dress pictures honestly do not do either dress justice. All of the shorter dresses that I tried on didn't feel formal enough for me still and didn't look as good on me.

    I thought before that two dresses is just silly and too expensive, but since this second dress was so cheap and made me feel more comfortable I decided to do it. Certainly if it was too much or too hard to move around in I never would have bought it and wouldn't recommend it.
  • I vote spoiled. I also love my dress too much to have a need or a desire to purchase a 2nd dress. I can think of so much other stuff that the money could be used for.
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