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2 dresses - is it smart or is it spoiled?


Re: 2 dresses - is it smart or is it spoiled?

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    I'm so glad to see this topic. As a previous poster mentioned, I too logged on just to search for a thread like this. I am absolutely torn as to whether or not to purchase a second dress. My wedding dress is a ball gown style with heavy beading. It is absolutely gorgeous, but the one thing I CANNOT STAND is the "off the shoulder straps." I had my first fitting yesterday with the seamstress and much to my dismay, she is not able to remove the straps without completely changing the shape of the bodice. I was so disappointed. Sooooo....I am on the fence about going back to Cincinnati Bridal and purchasing one of the first dresses I tried on and LOVED. It is much different than the one I bought. It is an A-line with minimum bead work and STRAPLESS! I think I would feel much more comfortable and happier wearing my ballgown for the first half of the night (pictures, ceremony, dinner) and then changing into the second dress right before the first dance. I too, however, am on the fence for the same reasons. i.e. What guests will think, buyer's remorse, etc.

    Anyone else who hasn't already posted, please feel free to respond. I love reading everyone's thoughts on the matter.
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