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Alterations Questions... Help!

Hi Everyone!!

I want to have serious alterations done to my dress! I want thin straps added to my strapless dress and have it made to be backless. Has anyone had this done to their wedding dress? Do you think the seamstress would have an issue with that?


Re: Alterations Questions... Help!

  • Thin straps won't be hard at all but depending on your dress...making it backless could be a challenge.  Can you post a pic of the back of your dress?
  • It's hard to post a pic because I don't have a good one of me in it.... if you go onto the Private Label by G Canadian website you can look it up... style 12051. I tried to copy and paste the picture but I don't think it posted properly.
  • I would be concerned about a lack of support for your chest if you got rid of much more of the back.  Tiny thin straps won't do a whole lot.  Beautiful dress -- I'd leave the back as it is!
  • A good seamstress can perform this for you, go to a dressmaker shop or bridal salon to find one.  do not go to a seamstress that works out of her home, because she is not insured and bonded and you want to make sure your gown is safe and will be returned to you.
    This type of alteration is possible, get references first.  Good luck to you.
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