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internet wedding dresses

After looking at some bridal shops and seeing the high prices I started looking online and found some of the same dresses for less than half the prices.  I was wondering if anyone ordered their dress on line and if so, how did it work out?

Re: internet wedding dresses

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    PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANY FROM ANY  RELATED DISCOUNT WEDDING DRESS SITE B/C THEY ARE SAME COMPANY. I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO BE KNOCK OFF BUT IT WAS POOR COPY WHEN IT CAME IN. THEY LIE ABOUT RETURN POLICY. I HAVE TO ARGUE IN EMAILS WITH THEM FOR 3 MONTHS TO DO RETURN AND TRY TO GET FULL REFUNDS. THEY NEVER GIVE ME FULL REFUND AS THEY PROMISED, AND THEY NEVER REPLY TO MY EMAILS ANYMORE. IT HAS BEEN VERY TROUBLESOME. ENOUGH SAID. Hopefully someone read this. I know dresses are expensive, but you will be so much happier to get one from bridal shops b/c you know what you are getting exactly. Try sample sale at the shops or something and ask for discount at the shops.
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