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Helping my MOB find a dress...

So my mom has asked me to post and see if there are any suggestions out there for non-traditional MOB attire/designers.  Something that isn't the typical long a-line gown/beaded bolero combo.  That's just not her and I could never see her in something like that. 

She's awesome (I'm biased), loving and the one all my friends go "oh my gosh, I love your mom.  She's so fun!"  I've never thought of my mom like other women of the same age bracket.  She's got a few big visible tattoos on her arm & back.  And when it comes to her more formal dressing style - I'd say she leans towards the pin-up kinda look - pencil skirts, curve-hugging items.

Of course I want her to feel comfortable and like herself at the wedding.  I would never want her to cover up her tattoos or just "dress the part" as MOB.  She keeps asking what I want her to wear.  Honestly, I want her dress to fit her personality but nothing too over-the-top.  For length, I had suggested something mid-calf.  For color - olive-y greens.  Does anyone have suggestions to offer as to designers out there that might fit the bill?


Re: Helping my MOB find a dress...

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    Think long and hard, and ask yourself if you really need her to wear something specific.

    We didn't require our mothers to wear anything special or matchy matchy. My mom wore a grey pencil skirt with a fuscia cardi set. DH's mom wore a cocktail dress from White House Black Market. DH's stepmom wore a floor-length dark blue formal dress from Macys. NBD. They can all use these outfits again for other occassions.

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    How about something like this from Alfred Angelo? It is modern looking, no bolero and has a pencil skirt....

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    She doesn't have to look at dresses that are marketed specifically as MOB dresses (which are, frankly, quite matronly and unattractive). She can go to any department store and see what she likes. My mother bought her dress at Dillard's.
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    Thanks for the suggestions!

    Loving the modcloth dress!  Come to think of it - I usually like most things on that site.  But I digress.  This isn't about me...

    Allie - I have to 110% agree with your "matronly & unattractive" statement.  I just didn't want to say it first for fear of being chased out by torches and pitchforks.

    We've got time (wedding isn't till next Nov), so I think it will be best to just go shopping around to a few different places, avoiding the MOB-labeled attire.  I'm still open to any suggestions, though!  Mom & I are unfortunately from the same "" mold.
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    Where does she usually shop? I'm sure one of her favorite stores has something wedding appropriate. Department stores usually have a variety of dresses to choose from around the holidays for parties. My mom bought 3 dresses at Lord & Taylor, and picked one from those to wear to my wedding.
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    My mom's wearing a BM dress. She can't stand any of the jacket and dress combos- she said she feels frumpy in them and I completely understand. Might be worth checking out some BM lines and seeing if she likes anything there.
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    I was in the same exact situation! I honestly couldn't understand why every one kept asking me what I wanted them to wear. My mother also didn't want something frumpy with a beaded jacket etc etc.
    We went shopping to our closest outlets and found a lovely flattering dress without going to a salon. I'm sorry I cant remember the exact name, but if you have outlets near you check out the Saks outlet or Nordstrom rack.
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    I really like this one from Black Halo. It's classy, but still has a really sexy shape. It's called the "jacket dress" and comes in different color variations.

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