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Help me find similar dress for Mom

hi! My mom found this dress (it is by Luna Luz) featured on broke ass bride website that she really likes as a Mother of the Bride dress and wants to try on. Unfortunately from my research it looks like you can only purchase this specific dress online. Has anyone seen something similar? She likes the way the colors fade into each other. The colors on the dress don't really matter as I don't have specific colors for the wedding. She also loves the way the skirt looks so full. Any help you could give would be appreciated thanks!

Re: Help me find similar dress for Mom

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    You may be able to find something similar in bm lines that come as separates. I think I have seen bubble skirts available. Not sure about Davids Bridal but along those lines:)

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    Thanks! I couldn't think of what to call the skirt on it. I have searched bubble skirt and lots of things are popping up now! Thank you!
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