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Ideas for Earrings?

(FYI the text in the *** are links to pictures...)

So I already picked a ***necklace I like***, but i'm hoping to find white gold earrings to match or compliment it.

I know there are ***matching earrings***, but i'm really not a fan of the swirl part.  I'm trying to find a more simple drop earring that has similarities to the necklace (so that they kind of look like they match).

The closest i've found is something like **THIS**.  I like the top detail since it has that sort of vintagey border that compliments the necklace, but i'm not a fan of the drop stone (id rather have pear shaped). Something like **THIS** is close too but again, with a more simple pear stone.

Has anyone seen anything close to what I'm describing?  I do NOT want to go through etsy or any craft-type of place.  I'm not interested in the craft or beaded look, and I won't be wearing pearls.  Not to mention, the earrings are definitely something i'll probably wear again! =)

Any ideas would be awesome.  I've spent way too much time on google trying to find something, and am starting to think i'll have to go have it made because it doesnt exist. haha

Thank you ladies!

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