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dress opinons? and shoes info.. Please?

So ladies, I have been putting off my dress decision... I still want some input.
Basically, I want color in my dress, so I have two Alfred Angelo dresses that I can't choose between. One has a lot of color, one not so much. Otherwise they are almost identical.

My problem is this, if I choose the one with a lot of color, I don't want to drown the WP in blue, so the BM's will probably wear black (possibly a bue trim or accent). If I choose the one with a little color, it doesn't matter as much, but I don't know if I WANT the BM's in black... HMMM.. anyone want in on this, I have PIB under photos- dress decision. HELP!

ALso, I am thinking that when I DO decide, I need to have my shoes so I can wear them for measurements to order the dress. I would love to get on that, but I don't have a clue where to start shopping...

I have looked at Payless, not fond of thier selection (and the bridal line is $45!)
I have skimmed the selection at department stores and have seen nothing I love.
I know most of you have your shoes.... WHERE?? did you get them... Share some info with a sista... :)

Thanks in advance and sorry this is kinda long!
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Re: dress opinons? and shoes info.. Please?

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    I like the "less color" because the detailing is so intricate that it adds to the highlighted color.  So in a way it's just as elaborate as the other dress.

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    First, choose the dress you love more. Don't worry about the BMs for now. Don't worry about "drowning" them in blue - that first dress with lots of colour really only has it on the train. Most of your pics with the BP will probably be from the front, where you'll only see a touch of the blue on that dress.

    If you can't decide what colour you want the BMs in, ask them for their opinions.

    Here's a photobook of a girl on my club board who wore that dress in red, and had her BMs wearing red.

    Unless you're freakishly tall, don't worry too much about the shoes for ordering. They come in a standard length unless you special order an extra tall or extra short length. It will just be hemmed when you get it anyway. If anything, all you need is a general idea of how high you want your shoes to be (for example, I knew that I wouldn't want to wear anything over 2" tall).
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    I was in love with the "more color" dress in red and couldn't wait to try it on!  Then I did and discovered that it really was too much color.  My mom complained that it drew the eye so much that it took emphasis off my face.  I decided to go with much less color and I think it was the right choice for me.  Good Luck!
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    I prefer the less colour too (and this is coming from someone who got married in a totally coloured dress).  You could add extra blue with blue shoes.  Bridesmaids in black looks good, IMO, especially with a pop of colour.

    I've seen people on the boards recommend also has some nice shoes but not sure if they're the price range you want.  Your local board may have some good recommendations.  You don't need the shoes until the fittings, generally.

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    I prefer less color.  Stop looking for bridal shoes and just look for nice shoes that will go with your dress.
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