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Brown & Pink.. and black?

Hi Ladies,
I need some opinions here. I hadn't even thought there was a (potential) problem until today when my MOH made an observation about the color scheme. I am having a cherry blossom themed wedding, so my girls are wearing chocolate brown bill levkoff 523 dresses with pink shoes & pink & white bouquets. As of right now, I ordered the tuxes in black, with black shirts and bubblegum vests/euro ties. I didn't see a problem with this until she said she thinks the brown & the black may clash & look weird in pictures. So i'm looking for pictures of wedding parties with the girls in brown to see how they look, but there isn't much on here. I thought it looked ok, since the pink is really just an accent color and I have seen brown & black together, but now she has me second guessing. What do you all think?
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