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So... A friend of mine gave me a brand new wedding gown that has never been used from David's Bridal and it is from this past fall's collection. The gown is beautiful (heavy as hell) and perfect for our winter wedding. I've never tried it on but it is my size. In July I had tried on a bunch of gowns and feel in love with a strapless chiffon A-line that was around $600. The gown I was given is the same price and really pretty but I don't know if I should wear it. It was free, it's really pretty, strapless (just more fitted in the waist and hips), and really sparkly.I love sparkly things!

Should I wear on our wedding day?

It needs to be altered because I plan on loosing 20 pounds by next December. I don't know what to do. Would David's Bridal even alter it, seeing as I didn't personally buy it from them?

Your words of wisdom are greatly appreciated friends.
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    a do! If you want ;)
    If I was in your shoes, and I was givin a dress I really liked for free Id get it altered closer to wedding date and just go with it.
    Any place can alter a gown, not just davids bridal, it isnt like they are going to ask you for a receipt or anything.
    And Congrats! Good deal :)
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    Dresses look different on the hanger than on the body, I suggest you try the dress on and see how you feel about it  Also take pictures of you in the dress and make your decision then. You tried on the chiffon and loved it you may love this one more after trying it on.
    Personally I had to see pics of me in the dress before I could weed out the one's I didn't like. I am rather large in the chest and was able to weed out gowns that made the boobs look like the main attraction!
    You need to try the dress on and decide for yourself.

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    Thanks ladies! That is very helpful. =D I will have to try on the dress this weekend and Have my future ML take pictures for me.
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    I agree--if you try it on and it looks perfect, then take it.  $600 can pay for beautiful jewelry, shoes, AND a veil!
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    If you like it then wear it! If you really love the other one then sell the one given to you *there are many sites to do this* to help pay for your new one. Also, don't buy/alter a dress to what you *plan on* or *think* you will lose. Have a dress that fits you when you buy it. Just so much easier that way!
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    Try it on, if it works wear it.  DB may not alter it since you didn't buy it from them but you can just find another seamstress/tailor to do it for you. 
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    Do you like the free one or the $600 dress? Pick the one you want and go with it.
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    a DO if it's really YOUR dress when you put it on...

    a hint about DB, don't tell them you didn't buy it...if it's a DB dress, and you need it altered, just say you need to get it altered...I wouldn't think you'd have to go through much to get it accomplished.  I don't know anything about the DB in your area, but the one here is AMAZING...they know they're the only real thing in the area and instead of letting themselves slack they're proving that they're the best.  (Plus they know we stubborn AR girls will sure as heck load up and make a trip to Low's in Brinkley or hop state lines to another place...)
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    Wear what you LOVE! Just because it was free doesn't mean you have to wear it. If you try it on and love them both could you possibly wear one to the ceremony and one to the reception (the lighter one)? It's your day, make sure you don't look back and at your pictures and wish you had chosen differently. Good luck!
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    You definitely need to try it on before you make your decision.

    Once you've tried it on, decide if you love and if you can see yourself getting married in it.  If not, then get the dress that you love.
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    now i'm dying to see the dresses! but if you like the one your freind is giving you then wear it! chiffon would be a bit light for a winter wedding
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