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stuck deciding on BM color shoe...

I am having troube deciding on shoes for my bridesmaids. My bridesmaids dresses are a fuschia pink, they are right above the knee and strapless and my wedding is in April.

I was at first thinking of having them wear champagne colored shoe because my dress has a little champagne detail. But, then we ordered the tuxes and the tuxes are a black brunch coat with charcoal gray pinstriped pants (tux from men's wearhouse) and I am a little nervous about mixing the champagne shoes for girls with the groomsmen's charcoal because I don't want it to look like too many colors. So, then I was going to have them wear shoes that are dyable in fuschia to match their dress, but I still can't make up my mind and the other girls say whatever I like.

The dresses are short so shoes will be seen which is why I am stuck on it.
Any ideas will help.

I bought their dress, they are just buying their shoes

Re: stuck deciding on BM color shoe...

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    Are you purchasing your shoes for your BMs?  Typically, the BMs are responsible to pay for the dress, but anything else that you are requiring on top of that (shoes, hair, makeup, etc.) you should really be paying for.

    Onto your question - by champagne, do you mean nude?  I think nude shoes look fantastic.  I'd go with that or black, I think dyeing the shoes to match the dresses would be too much fuschia IMO.  Maybe you could just tell them to all wear black or nude heels of a sort?  I think a little difference between all of them looks better than each being a clone of the next one, so even if their shoes weren't all the exact same I still think it would look cohesive.
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    I think telling your attendants to wear a black shoe would be a good idea, it would look smashing with fuschia and then they can get lots more use out of black shoes or wear something they already have.
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    I second black as well. They probably already own a cute pair and will go better with the mens wear.
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    A brunch coat is almost like tails; long in the back and cut away style front.
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