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Opinion on flower girl dresses

The colors of my wedding are blue and brown. I would like my flower girls to be in a blue or brown dress. The bridesmaid are wearing light blue dresses. I love the dress (link below).

Would the blue clash with the bridesmaids? The groom and groomsmen are wearing brown suits with blue tie and vest. There is also a brown dress (link below).

I also like the traditional white dress 

I want the pictures to look good and I love having color on everyone. What do you think? I also have extra material from the bridesmaid dresses that I can use for sashes if we pick the white dress. Thanks in advance for your opinions and suggestions! Smile

Re: Opinion on flower girl dresses

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    They're all adorable. I had my FGs in color (well, ivory on bodice, "skirt" in a light mocha exactly like the BM dresses).

    I think the little girls would look great when photographed with the BMs if they had contrast: I'd go with the brown.

    The white is pretty, too, but I"m not a big fan of white FG dresses!
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    I love the second one- no it wont clash they are very cute dresses
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    Gosh those are darling!  The light blue one is adorable, but I have to agree and say the brown one!  They would look great with the light blue bridesmaid dresses and not compete. Good luck!

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    I vote for the second, with the first as runner up.  They are both far cuter than the white one.
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    Also like jaytee501 no a huge fan of white lower girl dresses sometime the shade of white competes with the brides shade.

    The brown one will definate compliment the bridesmaid dresses for sure.
    I also love the first it so cute and I have never seen something like this before. If you are worried about the clash as your dress shop for a swatch of either the BM dress or the FG and you can use that to compare :)

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    I agree with the brown :)

    And on a side note, I am so relieved to see I am not the only bride that prefers my flower girl in a colored dress! I have been trying to decide how to kindly tell my fiance's 11-year old that I pictured her wearing something other than a white dress (her heart is set on white, but my dress is ivory).
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    I love both the colored ones!!!  I got my flowergirl dress from www.mygirldress and it is beautiful in person, just an FYI in case you are worried about ordering from there.
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    :) Thank you ladies! The brown dress would look good with the bridesmaid dresses. My flower girls are my nieces so they will be in a lot of pictures with my sister MOH. JJW I feel like the bride should be the only one wearing white! :)  Good luck! Future Mrs. L.R thanks for letting me know about the dresses. Glad you liked them.
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