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Panty Problem

Hi there! 

I have a question about what to wear underneath my wedding dress. I bought an A-line dress so there is no worry about pany lines but I had read somewhere once that a bride should wear full coverage and comfortable panties on her wedding day. I personally find thongs more comfortable, would it be o.k to wear a thong versus boy shorts/bikini cut underwear? Or, is there a certain kind of underwear that past brides recommend for comfort? Do you wear that pair of underwear to your fitting? Thanks for all your help ladies! :-) xo

Re: Panty Problem

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    Word to the wise I had a friend who recently got married and wasn't paying attention when she was getting ready and put her thong on backwards and by the time she realzied she was walking out the door, so if you do go that route just make sure you're paying attention haha.
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    Wear whatever feels comfortable for you. 
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    I wore sweat wicking bike shorts b/c it was HOT on my wedding day and my dress was huge.  I was so glad I went with the shorts!  

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    thanks for posting this - I have my long line bra and my crinoline, and hadn't even thought yet about what panties I was going to wear! I think with all my layers, I'll be fine with my regular cotton bikinis as well :)
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    I wore a thong and was very comfortable on my wedding day.  Wear whatever you like!
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    Wear whatever you are most comfortable in.  Just make sure you can't see any lines or the color showing through.  I'm going with beige bikini cut panties, but I haven't worn a thong in a long time.

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    I wore blue, cotton, VS underwears.  They were full coverage because thongs make me want to rip my eyes out.

    Wear whatever it comfortable to you! :-)
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    I think blue, 100% cotton, bikini type will be the best. Check VS.
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    wear whatever is comfortable. keep in mind that if you wear full coverage and get a wedgie, its nearly impossible to fix without a bathroom break.
    also, if you go the thong route, then make sure you're comfortable enough in front of your girls -- since they'll probably be assisting you with dressing, and bathroom trips.

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    I know others have posted to wear bikini or full coverage panties to try on dresses. Unless you have no problem being all there in front of your consultant/seamstress and anyone else that happens to pop in.
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    I've only heard of the full-coverage suggestion for dress shopping also. I also agree with everyone in wearing whatever your comfy in. I have several stretchy thongs from VS that are so incredibly comfortable (not the stiff lacey type), so I'll probably wear one of those. 

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