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All over lace dress--bustle?? PIP

I just had my second dress fitting, and she gave my dress a two-point over bustle. My mom and sister and seamstress thought it looked nice, I'm not so sure. What do you think, and if it looks bad how can I fix it? When she showed me what a French bustle would look like I definitely didn't like it.

Here's the train without the bustle, and its a Casablanca 1900 if that helps at all.

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Re: All over lace dress--bustle?? PIP

  • bltatabltata member
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    Hmmmmm, not gonna lie.... I don't really like it.  It seems to detract from the beauty of the lace.  Would it be possible to do an Austrian bustle?  Or maybe add more points to the overbustle so it looks more blended.
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  • I agree I don;t like the look of it either, I had a dress simular to that btw  26 yrs ago so I love your dress! :) I beleive mine was pulled  up to my waist and then flowed down. Not sure what that is called but it looked great. Is there a thing called a double bussle? maybe that was what it was called. I know there were 2 places where I had to "hook" it. 
  • I don't know how to fix it, but it doesn't look great :(

  • I'm not really loving it either. It's not in the center and maybe thats what is throwing it off?
  • I'm not a fan of that bustle. Have you considered a ballroom bustle?
    Here's a good link for you to check out:
  • Mine looked like the ballroom bussle that Lilmiss's link shared.
  • kristinanddankristinanddan member
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    I had a lace overlay on my dress and did a 13-point bustle - it created a shape that is really missing from yours now. Let me try and find a picture.

    ETA - Can't find a good picture, but it was basically an upside down V - one point in the middle, then 6 down each side.
  • tmwanyotmwanyo member
    Im sorry but I really dont think it looks nice at all. It has no flow to it , its like a pile a fabric was just tacked up. I wish I knew of ideas of how to do it different for you but I dont. I'd ask them if there are differnet types they could show you
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  • Sadly, I agree with PP's. It's not very pretty, but I don't know anything about bustles so I don't know what to recommend.
  • Ok, so I'm coming to this really late but I had the same issue with my lace dress. My seamstress was a freaking goddess, and she constructed this amazing bustle for me. I'm not sure how many points it is - I think it's 6, though (three underneath and 3 on top).

    Here's a pic of it (it's a little hard to see, sorry)

    I made a "diagram" of sorts to show the construction, too - the numbers are the order the layers were put up. The red section is on the top, in the middle.
    Hope this helps! It worked beautifully for me :-)
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  • An English bustle may look nice. I also agree with pp's I don't much like it. Good Luck. I think the above photo that was shared looks great.
  • littlemissscareall and conkfa319 have shown you some really nice options than I like better than the current one. But I must say, I'm just not a fan of the american bustle, in general.
  • Hope61Hope61 member
    Thanks everyone! I'll be able to see my seamstress max 2 times before the wedding, so hopefully we can get it figured out!
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  • OP, next time you go to your seamstress bring pictures/names of all of the bustles you think might look good.  Have her pin each and every one so you can figure out what you like best.
  • gundy21gundy21 member
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    I had a ballroom bustle on my lace dress (9 points - all get tied up underneath the dress).  Loved it.  Give a very clean look - doesn't look like a bustle, just a dress without a train. 

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