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I am having a very small (12 people) destination island wedding. I have asked all the females to pick their own dress in a bright purple color and have had a great response with all but one. The step-mother of the groom seems to be dead set against bright purple. She has presented me with a lovely dress that comes in three purple options one of which is a perfect color. The color she initially wanted to buy looks like a slate gray, I told her the dress style is perfect but instead she should buy the bright purple color. Her response was to say she didn't want to look like a lady from the red hat society and she liked the third color of lilac better than the bright purple. I have been pretty lienent with the colors with the only exception being that I didn't want a pastel purple. The dress is very expensive and she has said if she is going to be able to wear it again she wants to buy a color she likes. Am I out of line to give her a few options of less expensive dresses in colors I would like to see and say, if you don't like the color buy a less expensive dress and you won't feel as guilty if you don't wear it again? The groom is no help since he could care less what people are wearing. I don't know how to proceed with this and I don't want to be a bridezilla.
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