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Pregnant BMs

Okay. So 2 of my 5 BM/MOHs are now pregnant. I'm getting married next june. One of them is due in december and the other in february. So, my question is, when should they get measured for their dresses? Soon before they get "too big" or after they give birth? I don't have my dress yet, so i'm not 100% sure on the style I'm wearing, let alone what style or where I'm getting the BM dresses from. I don't want them to have to rush order anything if 4-6 months is too late to lose a bit of baby weight and order one...

I almost want to tell them to do it soon so they'll have an idea of their non-pregnant size, but should they just go to a taylor/general bridal salon. Problem is that a few years ago, when I was a BM in my friend's wedding, we were buying online and  I think I went to a David's Bridal out here to get measured. The dress I bought online ended up being waaay to big, so I'm leary of having them get measured by a different salon than they'll be buying from.

I've even considered just telling them to get a "maternity appropriate" dress so this may not be an issue

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