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Hi everyone!
Ever since I got engaged in July I started looking for venues, but have been in no rush because our wedding wasn't going to be until summer 2014. However, due to recent events, we may have to have it in the winter of next year, which is one year away! Every venue, decorating idea, etc, I've been thinking of has been for the summer, and now I need totally new ideas!! I figured the best way to start would be with venues. Does anyone have recommendations of venues that would be good for a winter wedding? Someplace where they have a pretty room for the ceremony and a separate room for the reception? I live near Manchester, so somewhere in in Southern NH is preferable. And we'll  be paying for the wedding ourselves so it can't be too expensive. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

Re: Winter wedding venues

  • I have seen some absolutely gorgeous photos from winter weddings at the Bedford Village Inn, which is just outside of Manchester.  They can be a little pricy, but winter weddings are still off-season so you may be able to strike a good deal - and now is definitely the time to go look, to see what things are like during your season of choice!

    Some summer wedding places may also do winter weddings even if they don't advertise as such, so anything you were already considering may still be worth checking out.  I believe Searles Castle, in Windham, will do winter events, you just don't get full use of their usual wedding amenities (namely an outdoor ceremony and reception tent) so things do have to be rather small - but again, it is beautiful there and off-season event prices are quite low compared to their typical wedding costs.

    Is there anywhere specific you had previously considered?  There is a large variety of venue experience here (haha!) so if you were considering a place, someone here may be able to offer you advice and ideas to make it work for a winter wedding, even if theirs was in the summertime :)
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  • Hey, thanks for your response!
    The main places I'm looking at are Zorvino Vinyards, Portsmouth Country Club, Alpine Grove, possibly Promises to Keep, and I really like the way Willodwale Estates looked online but I don't know if I want to drive an hour, especially in the winter when there's a possibilty of a snow storm!
  • I can't say enough about the Granite Rose in Hampstead.  They recently had some renovations and created a separate chapel-like ceremony space separate from the reception space. They have pics on their website and they post things on facebook and pinterest from time to time.They are wonderful to work with!
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