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Red Dress.... Now what to dress the girls in??

I'm new here. Ive decided to go very bold, cause the sea of white dresses just isnt doing it for me! So this is my dress. Im going for a glamour theme, and the venue I have chosen has the feel on a smaller scale  up to 150 ppl). The colors of the interior of the venue are yellowy, beige, neutral walls, with beautiful silky, flowing, long, window treatments. They already have the smaller silver glam chandeliers with the string of clear jems drapped around them. They are providing the table linens and I can chose from 45 colors, tall candlebras for centerpieces and using osterich feathers in the center of them. Im gloing for the old hollywood theme. I havent really picked colors but obviously red is going to be one of them. And the place does have hints of reds here n there in the room. The chairs are those white wooden foldout chairs. I'm not trying to use too much white. The only colors I can seem to come up with are Red, White, black, and silver (They serve on the silver platters) n its just a great way to add more edgy drama. The floor is a dark pergo wood look and brownish red ceramic tile. I am wanting to go as bold as I possibly can so if you have any ideas as far as my girls, I would love to here it!

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