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Would you buy a veil online?

Hi -
I bought my dress at David's Bridal and am looking for an elbow length slightly embellished (crystal or pearl like border) ivory veil. DB has one for nearly $200 - is it just me or is that just a ridiculous price?

I've seen a lot of veils online (Etsy and other sites) for somewhat cheaper... what do you think about buying a veil online? I'm worried because you can't return it/don't know what it looks like -- but can't justify spending $200 for a thin piece of fabric!

Re: Would you buy a veil online?

  • I would not buy a veil on line unless you try it in a store and you'll find the exact same one online for less, but other than that no. I've tried a couple veils already and when you look at them they might all look the same but once you actually try them on you, you either love it or don't like it on your head.
  • I am planning on buying online from a seller on etsy. I have also tried on different styles and know what I am looking for, some etsy sellers do offer the option to return the veil if it's not what you wanted. I think $200 is a ridiculous amount to pay for a veil, you could also try craigslist to find a cheaper used one that you can actually go see first.
  • That's almost the same one I have.  If you're going the David's route, I would try it on in the store to see if you like it, then look on eBay or on here to find it used.  
  • The way I look at it is this: is the loss of $50 worth the risk? I personally think it is, given the alternative $200, and since that the seller has 100% ratings for a fair number of customers. My only concern would be the matching of the veil to your dress, but since it seems to be a fairly small operation, maybe you could arrange with the seller to buy a swatch for $5 or something.
  • I'm not that concerned with my veil, so I will be buying one online.  I'd rather spend $20 on a few veils to find one I like than to spend $200 on a veil I've tried on and know I like.  Of course, the best thing to do would be to try on a few styles in the store and either look for that exact one online for less or find something similar.  A veil is a veil...
  • I wouldn't buy a veil online, but that my just be me. I know a lot of ladies who have that have been completely happy.

    Veils are very expensive. My custom made elbow length veil was $250.
  • Like PP, I'd do it, infact I did.

    I was not overly concerned with the veil, but wanted one to "complete the look".  I bought mine off another Knottie for $25 having never seen it in person.
  • I bought my veil on ebay. There was no way I was going to spend hundreds of dollars on tulle.  I'm very happy with the veil I got.
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