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Can anyone find photos of an actual person in JA9658

I purchased a Justin Alexander 9658, I ended up paying extra to have it done to my custom measurements because I was way inbetween sizes.
when it came in the waist is fine, it doesnt need a hem, but the bust is all wrong (I TOLD THEM i thought th etape was twisted twice but no one remeasured me)

It is sticking out, and I know that when it is altered it will sit flatter, but the alterations lady told me beause of the consturction it will never sit 100% completely flat against my chest, since I am also a 38DD.

Thsi doesnt make sense to me but hte only photo I can find of this dress is the one on the stick thin model and obvi it is sitting flat to her chest because she is flat.
I can't  find any photos of a"real" girl wearing it

any help wuld be appreciated
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