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Dress Buying-ON LINE!!

Anyone out there have a good/bad experience, or just an opinion about online dress purchasing???? I tried on dresses at the bridal shop- and there are ones just as beautiful and even MORE beautiful on line for 1/3rd of the price!!!! Oh what to do....

Re: Dress Buying-ON LINE!!

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    I would be apprehensive to buy a dress online, not because of the quality, but because I'm not sure how it would look on my body. After going through the experience of dress shopping and seeing how many dresses I turned down, I think there would've been a good chance that if I ordered a dress online just because I liked how it look on the model that I would have got it in the mail, tried it on, and hated it. I tried on so many dresses just because I liked how they looked on the hanger or in a picture and htey were hideous on. So keep that in mind when buying online.
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    You should read the sticky MilkDuds made for this thread.  It explains why buying your wedding dress online is usually discouraged, unless you look at one of the sides that Edie suggested.
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    Thanks so much for all the input ladies!! I appreciate it-I guess the savings aren't worth the possible anxiety that it might all cause..... The search continues!! :-)
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    I just don't have the nerves for buying something this important on line
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    I do not think if you order from Pearl's Place you wil have any problems.  Their prices are great and they are very reliable, a real store.
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