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Anybody Order a dress from those sites in China?

I googled the style of dress I was looking for and it keeps taking me to those sites where you can order from China/Hong Kong etc...

The dresses are all $100-$400 or so and they look beautiful, plus they go by your measurements...

Has anybody done this?

Re: Anybody Order a dress from those sites in China?

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    I'm curious myself!
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    My FSIL did. She got hers off Ebay from China. She seems to like it. The only issue is that the fabric is cheap and there are inconsistencies in the pattern. But unless you look really closely, you don't notice. I'm assuming guests won't notice and you won't be able to tell in the pictures.

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    Check out the FAQ sticky at the top of the board. There is some good info in there on knock-off dresses. 
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    Here on TK, we really advise against this. The prices are too good to be true. They use cheap, easy-to-rip fabric, and if you are unhappy with the quality/fit/defects they don't usually let you return them, and if they do the window for returns is about a week, which makes it nearly impossible. The pictures look gorgeous, but those are usually stolen from designer's websites and they almost never look like the picture. There are a few times that the dresses come out well, but usually (especially if you order for a summer wedding and they're at their busiest) they skrimp on details in favor of getting the dress to you and out of their hands as quickly as possible. Often times, they have terrible customer service, and you can tell this if the website is written in poor English. That usually means that they don't have translators, and have translated their website using Google Translate or something. So that means if you get your dress and it's bright green, you can't call and negotiate with them. Lots of them don't even have customer service phone numbers!

    I would advise against this. Try to find bridal warehouses, where you can find samples and minor defect dresses (one missing button is way better than a bright blue zipper). The FAQs for this section has a lot of good tips, and a list of websites you definitely should stay away from. I'm not trying to scare you, I'm just telling you what I've heard. Also, I was going to buy my BM dresses from a Chinese website, and when I tried to email them with questions, they emailed me back in very poor English and basically said "No refunds, No returns" when all I was asking was if I could order a fabric swatch. Buyer Beware!
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    I took the gamble with a Chinese bridal web-shop (, and lucked out! I figured the dress was so cheap, and it was so far in advance, that if it didn't work out I could still get the dress of my dreams. It fits perfectly and looks very much like the picture. The quality seems perfectly fine (though I'm no expert) and there is only one flaw in the stitching, which my seamstress will fix. It was a risk, and I definitely advise considering the previous posters' advice, but it worked out for me! (Of course, there is always the chance the dress will explode on me on my wedding day-- we'll just have to see.)

    If the dress is the most important thing to you, don't do it. If you're more easygoing, and have plenty of time in case something doesn't work out, maybe give it a shot.
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    My pastors wife ordered one of those from China and she never got the dress. It was pretty upsetting for her and she had to start over because she realised she was never going to get her dress. I do not advise going with the dress from China.

     I just went dress shopping today and I bought my dress. It was fun, reasonably priced, AND I can alter it when it arrives in October. I am a very cheap bride but it is a lot of fun to go to the store and try dresses on. If something goes wrong with the order you have a contract with the bridal salon and you can hold them responsible. 

    Best of luck finding the dress of your dreams!
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    This is my second wedding and it's super casual and almost 2 years from now...

    I have been a member here for 7 years (my first wedding was 6 years ago) and my old ID had alot of posts (over 600) But this is a new ID for me so I seem new.

    I don't recall seeing all these China sites back when planning and participating here years ago, So I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask!!

    If I decide to order one I will keep you posted!!

    Also...The pic I put on my profile as my dress is the one I want, and so far I can only find it on the chinese sites, Anybody know who makes it?
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    The dress on your profile is Maggie Sottero's Deana.  It's one of my favorites as well. ;)  Here's a link to it on the Maggie Sottero site:
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    Oh wow! Thank you!!
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:15Discussion:8dcc0740-b9ca-47f4-bd9a-7ea8e6edfe61Post:23b42ad2-2c9b-4a2b-9c4a-6ba07532deea">Re: Anybody Order a dress from those sites in China?</a>:
    [QUOTE]The dress on your profile is Maggie Sottero's Deana.  It's one of my favorites as well. ;)  Here's a link to it on the Maggie Sottero site: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
    Posted by gmcr78[/QUOTE]

    Sooo sad, I went to her site and found the dress and then called all around the city and the cities 3+ hours away...Nobody has it :o(
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