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Wedding Dress Woes

Okay, so my dress finally arrives after five long months of waiting. I go to try it on for the first time a few days ago, and have to say that I am disappointed. I didn't say too much while I was at the shop, since I wanted to be sure I wasn't going crazy. Well now, after comparing the photo my MOH took of me in my dress to the photo of the dress on the designers (WATTERS) website, I am certain that I was sent some piece of junk. The draping looks sloppy, the bodice is longer, the seam around the hips dips down in the back where it is supposed to stay straight all around. I am just distraught over this. There are so many issues that I am nervous as to what to request at my first fitting next month, as I am not sure how much a seamstress can actually fix. What are my rights here? Should I call my dress shop and show pictures and complain? I think the designer should bear some responsibilty here! My wedding is in April, so I don't have much time. This was not a cheap gown, so I expected much more than I have been given so far. HELP!

Re: Wedding Dress Woes

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    why didn't you say anything when you went to see it? i would call or go back immedietly and bring the pictures that you have from your MOH and from the website and complain. you spent money on this dress, it doens't matter how much it was, and it should be perfect.
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    I totally agree with pp. As long as the issues aren't due to the dress being too large for you still, you need to address them all immediately. Be polite, but be firm. A week before my wedding we had to have the seamstress redo my 11-point overbustle because the middle point was off-center, which made the entire bustle crooked. My mom is the one who noticed, and was afraid at first to say anything. I'm so glad she finally mentioned it.
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    Well, I didn't say too much because it had been such a long time since I had looked at the pics of what the gown was to exactly look like... So I waited to get home and compare before I went bridezilla. Plus it was hard with my friends all there along with the owner of the shop saying how beautiful it was... All a bit overwhelming. I go for my first fitting on January 16, so I am prepared to bring the photos off of the website and demand to know how they plan on making this dress look like what I ordered and paid for. I just can't believe it.
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    Which watters dress did you buy?
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    I would talk to the shop where you bought it.  Let them know you have issues and see what they can do.  And as pp said, be firm and don't back down. 
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    It's a Watters Cordoba... A beautiful gown as pictured on their site, and the one they made for me, well, not so much.
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