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XP bridesmaids dresses

Just posted this on the budget board, but realized some people here might be looking for BM dresses as well! -----

As I was gearing up for the ideeli wedding sale, I noticed some of those convertible dresses (the ones where depending on how you tie/twist the straps, you can turn it into tons of different looking dresses).  They have them on ideeli for $69.99 for long and $59.99 for short dresses. I think they could make gorgeous bridesmaids dresses, and so cheap for your wedding party!  If I didn't already have my dresses, I would totally get them.  If you're interested though, act quick.  The sale is only open for 15 more hours (it's at the bottom of the page, under "ending soon"). 

Here's an invite in case anyone needs one - - full disclosure, I get some benefit if people buy through the link, but I really just wanted to pass this along.  Hope it helps someone!
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