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Should the Shoes you chose be influenced your dress....?


I have seen two pics of beautiful shoes that I love.  Both very different from eachother.
One is a peep toe with an embellished Butterfly "thing" (placed just above where my toes will peep out), and the shoe kind of bluey/green in colour (the kind of colour my BM's will be in).
The other is more of a heeled strappy sandle pair (but quite closed by the toe), I can't really comment too much on the colour (quite neutral I suppose), as they are covered in gems.
I know both pairs might sound abit "eeek".....but they are in no way tacky, I promise, I don't do tacky!
Anywho.....what I'm wondering is, should my choice be influenced by my dress, or are the two things relatively independant from eachother???

Has anybody every seen a Dress/Shoe Combo that just DID NOT work?

Thanks Folks! x
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