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Veil Help!

Hello all,

I have bought my dress and now am looking for a veil. I found someone who makes veils inexpensively on etsy, but the deepest color veil she has is ivory. My dress is deeper than ivory color - the designer calls it "oyster".
I was wondering what brides generally do in these cases - does it work to wear an ivory veil with a deeper color dress? This is hard because I want to buy the veil online and cannot try it on with the dress before I buy it.
I would really appreciate any advice you all could give.



Re: Veil Help!

  • Ask the Etsy seller if she can send you some swatches of the tulle.

    Or ask about her return policy ... you could buy the veil and then return it if it doesn't work with your dress.
  • If the vendor on etsy can't send you a swatch I would definitely send her a swatch of your dress.
  • Remember veil fabric will look different in color than your dress, even if the colors match. My dress is an ivory, and I just looked at veils at the same store with the dress, advantage I could see both together. You really have to weight the cost of inexpensive versus knowing you love your veil with your dress before you buy. What is this person's return policy? Things to consider
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