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Has anyone used to buy their dress?

they seem to be a cheap Chinese outlet for making replica dresses.  i am wondering if anyone has used them and how was the quality of the dress?

Re: Has anyone used to buy their dress?

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    Well my girls bought their bridesmaid dressed from there and I will plead with you to not do it. They are horrible quality, and do not look anything like they market themselves to be. Save your money. We are now trying to figure out what we are going to do.
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    Does anyone have pictures of the gowns they purchased through buyer100? It does seem scary that i could order a $13,000 dress for $300. I have read reviews on other review sites and had not seen any bad ones until now.
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    go ahead and buy a dress from them. you might as well flush this money down the drain. i spent $233 to ship all 6 BM dresses that they effed up back to china to get a refund. and the only reason i GOT the refund was b/c we disputed the charge with AmEx. Buyer100 is not in the business of customer satisfaction or even sewing wedding dresses. it is my firm belief that their main livelihood is sewing curtains or sheets or something totally non related.
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    Yes, I do like the dresses there. Cheap and of good quality, worth the money.
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    dont buy a dress from them. they are frauds, thieves and liars. i could not return the dress because the company would not return my multiple calls and emails for multiple days. there is no return address on the site. i was sent the completely wrong dress and called immediately. no response it is scam
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    wow thank GOD i found this site.. i was sooo tempted to buy a dress off there... it was 300 instead of 2000. I guess I'll have to keep searching.
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