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what kind of jewelry?

I am trying to help my cousin find bridal and bridesmaid jewelry for her wedding. When I got married I did the traditional matching set, but it seems that is not the norm anymore. I went to Nordstrum and found some gorgeous bracelets for the girls, but not sure if that is appropriate. PLease give me any thoughts or name of designers which are pretty to wear even after the wedding.As for bridal jewelry,, she is wearing a fit and flare with very little beadwork, so any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks for any help!!!!

Re: what kind of jewelry?

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    [QUOTE]I got my jewelry at Macy's so I think stuff from Nordstrom is 100% fine. For my bridesmaids, I told them to wear whatever jewelry they wanted. They all own stuff that is much nicer than I would have been able to buy them. Since her dress has minimal beading, she could go blingy with her jewelry if she wanted to. Do you know the designer/style # of her gown?
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    It is the Allure design 8815. It has some beading but not head to toe beading. Thanks for any advice.
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