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Need some advice about buying pre-owned

Just for fun, I've kept an eye on the websites where brides sell their dresses.  I haven't even tried dresses on yet, but I do this to see the dresses I think I like on "real" people. 

The other day, I saw one of my favorites for sale from a tall bride.  This is perfect for me, as I'm a little tall and want to wear heels.  She is asking about 40% of the retail cost of the gown.  I feel like I need to act since most dresses on those sites are far too short for me.  It seems like such a rare opportunity!

Again, I have not tried dresses on.  Do I scurry (drive 3 hours) to the nearest salon that sells the brand and hope that I can try on the dress or do I calm down and assume that another good deal will eventually come along?

While I can swing paying retail, my nature has me wanting to find a great deal! Embarassed
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