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My groom wants to wear a grey suits and have his guys wear grey suits, but I feel like for the wedding it should be black suits, as our colors are white black and lavendar.  I was thinking of black suits, white shirts and lavendar pocketsquares and matching ties. 

He feels that black suits don't flatter him as well as grey ones, but I just don't know if the tie color will clash with the grey.  Any suggestions on how to meet in the middle and make it work?

Re: Groom & Groomsmen...

  • What time of day is your wedding?   If it's evening, then I would recommend a black suit.  If it's daytime/afternoon then grey is fine.  
  • FI and his GM are wearing grey suits.

    And their ties aren't even one of our colors.  He wanted grey suits with navy ties.  Our decor colors are aqua and purple.  I don't really think people need to match decor as long as they don't clash.  So... I let FI pick the color of suit and tie he wanted.  I'm sure it will look fine.

  • If he feels he looks better in the grey, he should wear the grey. The lavender looks fine with that. 
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  • FI and his GM are all wearing grey tux....i wanted black but I felt bad saying no to him, its his wedding too lol so I caved lol lavander and grey looks great!
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  • If your fiance thinks he looks bad in black, he will not be comfortable in a black suit.   
  • My FI and his GM will be in light grey tux's, GM will have navy ties and FI will have ivory to match my dress... No biggie with grey tux's/suits and evening weddings's still very classy.
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